garbage in, garbage out

Garbage is a colloquial term in data processing for ‘incorrect input’ which will, according to the proverb, inevitably produce faulty output. The acronymic form GIGO is also found.

1964 CIS Glossary of Automated Typesetting & Related Computer Terms (Composition Information Services, LA.) 15 The relationship between input and output is sometimes—when input is incorrect—tersely noted by the expression ‘garbage in, garbage out’.

1966 E. J. & J. A. MCCARTHY Integrated Data Processing Systems v. Many data processing departments put their best operators on verifiers because they wish to avoid the effect of the GIGO principle (Garbage In—Garbage Out).

1987 Washington Times 10 Sept. F4 The computer rule, ‘garbage in, garbage out’ applies to the human mind just as much as it does to the computer.

1996 Washington Times 26 Feb. A19 This brings into play the old computer-industry dictum: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

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